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Words that Rhyme with smoky

2 Syllable Words

cocchi, cokie, dokey, hokey, joki, koeki, koki, loci, lokey, oakey, okey, oki, okie, pokey, poky, rocchi, skokie, smokey, soucie

3 Syllable Words

aoki, begnoche, mazzocchi, meloche, naoki, quattrocchi, quattrochi

4 Syllable Words


6 Syllable Words


Definitions of smoky

superl. Emitting smoke, esp. in large quantities or in an offensive manner; fumid; as, smoky fires.

superl. Having the appearance or nature of smoke; as, a smoky fog.

superl. Filled with smoke, or with a vapor resembling smoke; thick; as, a smoky atmosphere.

superl. Subject to be filled with smoke from chimneys or fireplace; as, a smoky house.

superl. Tarnished with smoke; noisome with smoke; as, smoky rafters; smoky cells.

superl. Suspicious; open to suspicion.

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