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Words that Rhyme with sober

2 Syllable Words

dober, gober, grober, kober, kroeber, lober, loeber, ober, rober, roeber, schober, shober, stober, stoeber, strober, tobar, tober

3 Syllable Words

locke-ober, oct, oct., october

Definitions of sober

superl. Temperate in the use of spirituous liquors; habitually temperate; as, a sober man.

superl. Not intoxicated or excited by spirituous liquors; as, the sot may at times be sober.

superl. Not mad or insane; not wild, visionary, or heated with passion; exercising cool, dispassionate reason; self-controlled; self-possessed.

superl. Not proceeding from, or attended with, passion; calm; as, sober judgment; a man in his sober senses.

superl. Serious or subdued in demeanor, habit, appearance, or color; solemn; grave; sedate.

v. t. To make sober.

v. i. To become sober; -- often with down.

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