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Words that Rhyme with soften

2 Syllable Words

offen, often

Definitions of soften

v. t. To make soft or more soft.

v. t. To render less hard; -- said of matter.

v. t. To mollify; to make less fierce or intractable.

v. t. To palliate; to represent as less enormous; as, to soften a fault.

v. t. To compose; to mitigate; to assuage.

v. t. To make less harsh, less rude, less offensive, or less violent, or to render of an opposite quality.

v. t. To make less glaring; to tone down; as, to soften the coloring of a picture.

v. t. To make tender; to make effeminate; to enervate; as, troops softened by luxury.

v. t. To make less harsh or grating, or of a quality the opposite; as, to soften the voice.

v. i. To become soft or softened, or less rude, harsh, severe, or obdurate.

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