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Words that Rhyme with sometimes

1 Syllable Words

chimes, climbs, climes, crime's, crimes, crymes, dime's, dimes, grimes, heims, himes, hymes, imes, kimes, limes, prime's, primes, rhymes, rimes, simes, symes, time's, times, times'

2 Syllable Words

centimes, daytimes, durkheim's, enzymes, lifetime's, lifetimes, nighttimes, pastimes, showtime's, sondheim's, waldheim's, wartimes, windchimes

3 Syllable Words

oftentimes, paradigms, pulmazyme's

Definitions of sometimes

adv. Formerly; sometime.

adv. At times; at intervals; now and then;occasionally.

a. Former; sometime.

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