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Words that Rhyme with sour

1 Syllable Words

blauer, bour, dour, dower, flour, hour, jour, krauer, lour, n'dour, our, scour

2 Syllable Words

auer, bauer, baur, bougher, bower, brauer, brougher, brower, clower, cower, dauer, dessauer, dour, flour, flower, gauer, glower, gower, grauer, hallbauer, hauer, hour, how're, hower, kauer, klauer, knauer, labour, lauer, mauer, nauer, newshour, our, picower, power, rauer, salzhauer, sauer, schauer, scour, shower, tauer, tower, trower, vorhauer

3 Syllable Words

adenauer, airpower, beebower, belflower, bellflower, brainpower, coneflower, cornflower, datapower, devour, empower, fillauer, firepower, hightower, horsepower, hufbauer, hydropower, landauer, manpower, mayflower, mortgagepower, safflower, seapower, sunflower, wallflower, wildflower, willpower, zembower

4 Syllable Words

cauliflower, eisenhower, icenhower, mph, overpower, superpower, underpower

Definitions of sour

superl. Having an acid or sharp, biting taste, like vinegar, and the juices of most unripe fruits; acid; tart.

superl. Changed, as by keeping, so as to be acid, rancid, or musty, turned.

superl. Disagreeable; unpleasant; hence; cross; crabbed; peevish; morose; as, a man of a sour temper; a sour reply.

superl. Afflictive; painful.

superl. Cold and unproductive; as, sour land; a sour marsh.

n. A sour or acid substance; whatever produces a painful effect.

v. t. To cause to become sour; to cause to turn from sweet to sour; as, exposure to the air sours many substances.

v. t. To make cold and unproductive, as soil.

v. t. To make unhappy, uneasy, or less agreeable.

v. t. To cause or permit to become harsh or unkindly.

v. t. To macerate, and render fit for plaster or mortar; as, to sour lime for business purposes.

v. i. To become sour; to turn from sweet to sour; as, milk soon sours in hot weather; a kind temper sometimes sours in adversity.

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