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Words that Rhyme with speaker

2 Syllable Words

beaker, beeker, bieker, bleaker, bleecker, bleeker, dijker, eaker, kiecker, leaker, meaker, meeker, reker, rieker, seeker, sleeker, sneaker, spieker, squeaker, streaker, strieker, weaker

3 Syllable Words


Definitions of speaker

n. One who speaks.

n. One who utters or pronounces a discourse; usually, one who utters a speech in public; as, the man is a good speaker, or a bad speaker.

n. One who is the mouthpiece of others; especially, one who presides over, or speaks for, a delibrative assembly, preserving order and regulating the debates; as, the Speaker of the House of Commons, originally, the mouthpiece of the House to address the king; the Speaker of a House of Representatives.

n. A book of selections for declamation.

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