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Words that Rhyme with squint

1 Syllable Words

clint, didn't, dint, flint, flynt, glint, hint, kindt, kint, klindt, klint, lint, mint, print, quint, rindt, schwindt, sindt, splint, sprint, stint, swint, tint, vint, windt, wint

2 Syllable Words

blueprint, comprint, footprint, imprint, misprint, newsprint, reprint, shoeprint, techint

3 Syllable Words

fingerprint, peppermint

Definitions of squint

a. Looking obliquely. Specifically (Med.), not having the optic axes coincident; -- said of the eyes. See Squint, n., 2.

n. Fig.: Looking askance.

v. i. To see or look obliquely, asquint, or awry, or with a furtive glance.

v. i. To have the axes of the eyes not coincident; -- to be cross-eyed.

v. i. To deviate from a true line; to run obliquely.

v. t. To turn to an oblique position; to direct obliquely; as, to squint an eye.

v. t. To cause to look with noncoincident optic axes.

n. The act or habit of squinting.

n. A want of coincidence of the axes of the eyes; strabismus.

n. Same as Hagioscope.

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