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Words that Rhyme with stanch

1 Syllable Words

blanch, blanche, branch, branche, lancz, ranch, tranche

3 Syllable Words


Definitions of stanch

v. t. To stop the flowing of, as blood; to check; also, to stop the flowing of blood from; as, to stanch a wound.

v. t. To extinguish; to quench, as fire or thirst.

v. i. To cease, as the flowing of blood.

n. That which stanches or checks.

n. A flood gate by which water is accumulated, for floating a boat over a shallow part of a stream by its release.

v. t. Strong and tight; sound; firm; as, a stanch ship.

v. t. Firm in principle; constant and zealous; loyal; hearty; steady; steadfast; as, a stanch churchman; a stanch friend or adherent.

v. t. Close; secret; private.

v. t. To prop; to make stanch, or strong.

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