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Words that Rhyme with stickle

2 Syllable Words

bickel, bickell, bickle, brickel, brickell, brickle, dickel, fickel, fickle, hickel, hickle, ikle, mickel, mickle, mikel, mikell, nicholl, nickel, nickell, nickle, nickol, nicol, nicoll, nikkel, pickel, pickell, pickle, pikul, quickel, rickel, sichel, sickel, sickle, stickel, tickle, trickel, trickle, wikel

3 Syllable Words

mcmickle, mcnichol, mcnickle, vansickel, vansickle

4 Syllable Words

ferronickel, pumpernickel

Definitions of stickle

v. i. To separate combatants by intervening.

v. i. To contend, contest, or altercate, esp. in a pertinacious manner on insufficient grounds.

v. i. To play fast and loose; to pass from one side to the other; to trim.

v. t. To separate, as combatants; hence, to quiet, to appease, as disputants.

v. t. To intervene in; to stop, or put an end to, by intervening; hence, to arbitrate.

v. t. & i. A shallow rapid in a river; also, the current below a waterfall.

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