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Words that Rhyme with straddle

2 Syllable Words

addle, caddell, chadel, fadel, gradel, kadel, madel, madl, paddle, radel, saddle, schadel, shadel, stadel

3 Syllable Words

astraddle, clapsaddle

Definitions of straddle

v. i. To part the legs wide; to stand or to walk with the legs far apart.

v. i. To stand with the ends staggered; -- said of the spokes of a wagon wheel where they join the hub.

v. t. To place one leg on one side and the other on the other side of; to stand or sit astride of; as, to straddle a fence or a horse.

n. The act of standing, sitting, or walking, with the feet far apart.

n. The position, or the distance between the feet, of one who straddles; as, a wide straddle.

n. A stock option giving the holder the double privilege of a "put" and a "call," i. e., securing to the buyer of the option the right either to demand of the seller at a certain price, within a certain time, certain securities, or to require him to take at the same price, and within the same time, the same securities.

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