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Words that Rhyme with straggle

2 Syllable Words

gagel, gaggle, hagel, haggle, magel, nagele, pagel, schlagel, scraggle, slagel, wagle

3 Syllable Words


Definitions of straggle

v. t. To wander from the direct course or way; to rove; to stray; to wander from the line of march or desert the line of battle; as, when troops are on the march, the men should not straggle.

v. t. To wander at large; to roam idly about; to ramble.

v. t. To escape or stretch beyond proper limits, as the branches of a plant; to spread widely apart; to shoot too far or widely in growth.

v. t. To be dispersed or separated; to occur at intervals.

n. The act of straggling.

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