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Words that Rhyme with study

2 Syllable Words

bloody, buddie, buddy, cruddy, cuddy, duddy, fuddy, huddie, huddy, huldie, judie, luddy, muddy, ruddy

4 Syllable Words


Definitions of study

v. i. A setting of the mind or thoughts upon a subject; hence, application of mind to books, arts, or science, or to any subject, for the purpose of acquiring knowledge.

v. i. Mental occupation; absorbed or thoughtful attention; meditation; contemplation.

v. i. Any particular branch of learning that is studied; any object of attentive consideration.

v. i. A building or apartment devoted to study or to literary work.

v. i. A representation or rendering of any object or scene intended, not for exhibition as an original work of art, but for the information, instruction, or assistance of the maker; as, a study of heads or of hands for a figure picture.

v. i. A piece for special practice. See Etude.

n. To fix the mind closely upon a subject; to dwell upon anything in thought; to muse; to ponder.

n. To apply the mind to books or learning.

n. To endeavor diligently; to be zealous.

v. t. To apply the mind to; to read and examine for the purpose of learning and understanding; as, to study law or theology; to study languages.

v. t. To consider attentively; to examine closely; as, to study the work of nature.

v. t. To form or arrange by previous thought; to con over, as in committing to memory; as, to study a speech.

v. t. To make an object of study; to aim at sedulously; to devote one's thoughts to; as, to study the welfare of others; to study variety in composition.

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