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Words that Rhyme with sweepstakes

1 Syllable Words

aches, bakes, blake's, blakes, brakes, breaks, cake's, cakes, drakes, fakes, flakes, frakes, hakes, jake's, jakes, lake's, lakes, lakes', makes, quake's, quakes, raikes, rakes, sakes, shakes, snake's, snakes, stake's, stakes, steaks, takes, wakes

2 Syllable Words

backaches, cupcakes, earthquake's, earthquakes, freshbake's, fruitcakes, handshakes, headaches, homestake's, hotcakes, keepsakes, mistakes, outbreaks, outtakes, pancakes, remakes, snowflakes

3 Syllable Words

interlake's, rattlesnakes, undertakes

Definitions of sweepstakes

n. A winning of all the stakes or prizes; a sweepstake.

sing. / pl. The whole money or other things staked at a horse race, a given sum being put up for each horse, all of which goes to the winner, or is divided among several, as may be previously agreed.

sing. / pl. A race for all the sums staked or prizes offered.

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