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Words that Rhyme with tailing

2 Syllable Words

ailing, ayling, bailing, baling, failing, flailing, grayling, hailing, jailing, mailing, nailing, railing, sailing, saling, scaling, trailing, veiling, wailing, whaling

3 Syllable Words

assailing, blackmailing, curtailing, derailing, detailing, emailing, entailing, inhaling, prevailing, regaling, retailing, surveilling, unfailing, unveiling, wholesaling

4 Syllable Words

countervailing, unavailing

Definitions of tailing

n. The part of a projecting stone or brick inserted in a wall.

n. Same as Tail, n., 8 (a).

n. Sexual intercourse.

n. The lighter parts of grain separated from the seed threshing and winnowing; chaff.

n. The refuse part of stamped ore, thrown behind the tail of the buddle or washing apparatus. It is dressed over again to secure whatever metal may exist in it. Called also tails.

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