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Words that Rhyme with tang

1 Syllable Words

ang, bang, bong, chang, chiang, chuang, clang, dang, drang, fang, gang, giang, hang, huang, hwang, jang, jiang, kahng, kang, klang, kwang, lang, lange, liang, mang, nang, pang, rang, sang, schlang, siang, slang, spang, sprang, stang, strang, t'ang, trang, tsang, tsiang, twang, vang, wang, whang, yang, zang, zhang

2 Syllable Words

armstrong, chengxiang, chenxiang, durang, giang, hangsang, harangue, jiang, li-kang, liang, mustang, nanchang, pyongyang, shenyang, shougang, tunkelang, wolfgang, xiaogang, zhejiang, ziyang

3 Syllable Words

baoguang, boomerang, kuomintang, overhang, xinjiang

Definitions of tang

n. A coarse blackish seaweed (Fuscus nodosus).

n. A strong or offensive taste; especially, a taste of something extraneous to the thing itself; as, wine or cider has a tang of the cask.

n. Fig.: A sharp, specific flavor or tinge. Cf. Tang a twang.

n. A projecting part of an object by means of which it is secured to a handle, or to some other part; anything resembling a tongue in form or position.

n. The part of a knife, fork, file, or other small instrument, which is inserted into the handle.

n. The projecting part of the breech of a musket barrel, by which the barrel is secured to the stock.

n. The part of a sword blade to which the handle is fastened.

n. The tongue of a buckle.

n. A sharp, twanging sound; an unpleasant tone; a twang.

v. t. To cause to ring or sound loudly; to ring.

v. i. To make a ringing sound; to ring.

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