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Words that Rhyme with thrips

1 Syllable Words

blips, chip's, chipps, chips, clips, cripps, crips, dips, dripps, drips, fipps, flips, grips, hipps, hips, kippes, lipps, lips, lips', mips, phipps, pips, quips, rips, scripp's, scripps, scripts, ship's, shipp's, shipps, ships, ships', sips, skips, slips, snips, strip's, strips, tipps, tips, trip's, trips, whipps, whips, zips

2 Syllable Words

airships, airstrips, eclipse, ellipse, equips, flagships, gunships, judgeships, lightships, outstrips, postscripts, spaceships, township's, warships, woodchips

3 Syllable Words

battleships, chairmanships, dealership's, dealerships, econships, fellowships, fingertips, internships, leadership's, leaderships, memberships, microchips, partnership's, partnerships, scholarships, sponsorships

4 Syllable Words

apocalypse, apprenticeships, championships, dictatorships, directorships, governorships, receiverships, relationships

5 Syllable Words

ambassadorships, distributorships, proprietorships

Definition of thrips

n. Any one of numerous small species of Thysanoptera, especially those which attack useful plants, as the grain thrips (Thrips cerealium).

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