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Words that Rhyme with tights

1 Syllable Words

bites, bright's, bytes, cites, clites, crites, feitz, fights, fites, flight's, flights, geitz, greitz, grites, heights, heitz, hites, kites, knight's, knights, light's, lights, lites, mites, night's, nights, nights', reits, reitz, right's, rights, rights', rite's, rites, seitz, sights, site's, sites, slights, stites, trites, white's, whites, wright's, wrights, writes

2 Syllable Words

backlights, campsite, campsites, clevite's, daylights, delights, dogfights, excites, firefights, flashlights, floodlights, footlights, gunfights, headlights, highlights, hindsight's, ignites, incites, insights, invites, luddites, malrite's, nonwhites, playwright's, playwrights, polites, recites, rewrites, searchlights, shiites, shipwrights, skylights, snakebites, soundbites, sporophytes, spotlights, sticktights, stoplights, stylites, sulfites, tonight's, unites, uprights

3 Syllable Words

acolytes, ammonites, apartheid's, apatites, appetites, clintonites, copyrights, de-excites, dolomite's, dolomites, fahrenheit's, gigabytes, hampshirites, israelites, jacobites, kilobytes, laterites, lymphocytes, megabytes, mennonites, muscovites, naderites, neophytes, overflights, parasites, phagocytes, phosphorites, reaganites, reunites, satellite's, satellites, semi-heights, socialites, underwrites, urbanites

4 Syllable Words

new-hampshirites, suburbanites

Definition of tights

n. pl. Close-fitting garments, especially for the lower part of the body and the legs.

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