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Words that Rhyme with tonic

2 Syllable Words

blahnik, chronic, conic, connick, kronick, phonic, sonic, tronic, vanik

3 Syllable Words

bubonic, demonic, fibronic, flextronic, gnomonic, harmonic, hedonic, ionic, ironic, laconic, leptonic, masonic, medtronic, miltonic, mnemonic, ovonic, personic, photronic, planktonic, plantronic, platonic, plutonic, pneumonic, sardonic, symphonic, synchronic, tectonic, tranzonic

4 Syllable Words

allophonic, avionic, catatonic, diasonic, diatonic, electronic, embryonic, ganglionic, hegemonic, histrionic, hydroponic, hypersonic, hypertonic, isotonic, lasersonic, monophonic, nucleonic, panasonic, pharaonic, philharmonic, polyphonic, propionic, respironic, supersonic, telectronic, telephonic, ultrasonic, varitronic

5 Syllable Words

audiotronic, hyaluronic, napoleonic, neoplatonic

6 Syllable Words

isoelectronic, microelectronic

Definitions of tonic

a. Of or relating to tones or sounds; specifically (Phon.), applied to, or distingshing, a speech sound made with tone unmixed and undimmed by obstruction, such sounds, namely, the vowels and diphthongs, being so called by Dr. James Rush (1833) " from their forming the purest and most plastic material of intonation."

a. Of or pertaining to tension; increasing tension; hence, increasing strength; as, tonic power.

a. Increasing strength, or the tone of the animal system; obviating the effects of debility, and restoring healthy functions.

n. A tonic element or letter; a vowel or a diphthong.

n. The key tone, or first tone of any scale.

n. A medicine that increases the strength, and gives vigor of action to the system.

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