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Words that Rhyme with travel

2 Syllable Words

flavell, fravel, gavel, gravel, gravell, havel, pavel, ravel

3 Syllable Words


Definitions of travel

v. i. To labor; to travail.

v. i. To go or march on foot; to walk; as, to travel over the city, or through the streets.

v. i. To pass by riding, or in any manner, to a distant place, or to many places; to journey; as, a man travels for his health; he is traveling in California.

v. i. To pass; to go; to move.

v. t. To journey over; to traverse; as, to travel the continent.

v. t. To force to journey.

n. The act of traveling, or journeying from place to place; a journey.

n. An account, by a traveler, of occurrences and observations during a journey; as, a book of travels; -- often used as the title of a book; as, Travels in Italy.

n. The length of stroke of a reciprocating piece; as, the travel of a slide valve.

n. Labor; parturition; travail.

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