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Words that Rhyme with trough

1 Syllable Words

boff, cough, croff, doff, goff, gough, groff, hauf, hauff, hoff, knauf, knauff, knoff, koff, lauf, off, poff, prof., roff, schoff, schroff, scoff, shoff, shroff, skoff, stauff, stoff

2 Syllable Words

bake-off, beloff, blastoff, bohnhoff, brockhoff, castoff, checkoff, christophe, cutoff, dolloff, dropoff, duboff, eckhoff, eickhoff, falloff, friedhoff, fruehauf, holzstoff, imhoff, khrushchev, kickoff, knockoff, kohlhoff, layoff, leadoff, lenhoff, liftoff, madoff, markoff, mcgoff, minkoff, neuhoff, olthoff, payoff, playoff, popoff, potthoff, puthoff, rakoff, ripoff, rockoff, runoff, rykoff, saathoff, sadoff, satloff, selloff, shernoff, shicoff, spinoff, standoff, steinhoff, takeoff, tarnoff, tipoff, tradeoff, turnoff, uphoff, wemhoff, westhoff

3 Syllable Words

benninghoff, brinkerhoff, cargonoff, federoff, gorbachev, hoelterhoff, kolokoff, osterhoff, patricof, ribicoff, romanoff, romanov, saratov, selikoff, stroganoff, tartikoff, tegethoff, vanderhoff, westerhoff, zuganov

4 Syllable Words


Definitions of trough

n. A long, hollow vessel, generally for holding water or other liquid, especially one formed by excavating a log longitudinally on one side; a long tray; also, a wooden channel for conveying water, as to a mill wheel.

n. Any channel, receptacle, or depression, of a long and narrow shape; as, trough between two ridges, etc.

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