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Words that Rhyme with tuft

1 Syllable Words

bluffed, cuffed, fluffed, huffed, luffed, luft, puffed, roughed, scuffed, snuffed, stuffed, toughed, tufte

2 Syllable Words

handcuffed, rebuffed

3 Syllable Words


Definitions of tuft

n. A collection of small, flexible, or soft things in a knot or bunch; a waving or bending and spreading cluster; as, a tuft of flowers or feathers.

n. A cluster; a clump; as, a tuft of plants.

n. A nobleman, or person of quality, especially in the English universities; -- so called from the tuft, or gold tassel, on the cap worn by them.

v. t. To separate into tufts.

v. t. To adorn with tufts or with a tuft.

v. i. To grow in, or form, a tuft or tufts.

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