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Words that Rhyme with turnover

2 Syllable Words

clover, dover, drover, grover, kovar, kover, over, rover, slover, snover, stover

3 Syllable Words

brookover, carryover, changeover, cordover, crossover, crownover, eastover, hangover, holdover, landover, layover, leftover, makeover, moreover, passover, pushover, rollover, spillover, stayover, stopover, takeover, vanover, voiceover, westover

4 Syllable Words


5 Syllable Words


Definitions of turnover

n. The act or result of turning over; an upset; as, a bad turnover in a carriage.

n. A semicircular pie or tart made by turning one half of a circular crust over the other, inclosing the fruit or other materials.

n. An apprentice, in any trade, who is handed over from one master to another to complete his time.

a. Admitting of being turned over; made to be turned over; as, a turnover collar, etc.

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