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Words that Rhyme with twang

1 Syllable Words

bong, chuang, giang, hwang, jiang, kahng, kang, kwang, tang, zhang

2 Syllable Words

armstrong, chengxiang, chenxiang, giang, jiang, shougang, zhejiang, ziyang

Definitions of twang

n. A tang. See Tang a state.

v. i. To sound with a quick, harsh noise; to make the sound of a tense string pulled and suddenly let go; as, the bowstring twanged.

v. t. To make to sound, as by pulling a tense string and letting it go suddenly.

n. A harsh, quick sound, like that made by a stretched string when pulled and suddenly let go; as, the twang of a bowstring.

n. An affected modulation of the voice; a kind of nasal sound.

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