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Words that Rhyme with weeping

2 Syllable Words

beeping, bleeping, creeping, heaping, keeping, leaping, peeping, reaping, seeping, sleeping, sweeping

3 Syllable Words

bookkeeping, housekeeping, peacekeeping, safekeeping, scorekeeping

4 Syllable Words


Definitions of weeping

p. pr. & vb. n. of Weep

n. The act of one who weeps; lamentation with tears; shedding of tears.

a. Grieving; lamenting; shedding tears.

a. Discharging water, or other liquid, in drops or very slowly; surcharged with water.

a. Having slender, pendent branches; -- said of trees; as, weeping willow; a weeping ash.

a. Pertaining to lamentation, or those who weep.

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