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Words that Rhyme with winch

1 Syllable Words

cinch, clinch, finch, flinch, grinch, hinch, in., inch, kinch, linch, lynch, minch, pinch, synch, tinch

2 Syllable Words

bulfinch, goldfinch, mcninch

Definitions of winch

v. i. To wince; to shrink; to kick with impatience or uneasiness.

n. A kick, as of a beast, from impatience or uneasiness.

n. A crank with a handle, for giving motion to a machine, a grindstone, etc.

n. An instrument with which to turn or strain something forcibly.

n. An axle or drum turned by a crank with a handle, or by power, for raising weights, as from the hold of a ship, from mines, etc.; a windlass.

n. A wince.

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