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Words that Rhyme with winder

2 Syllable Words

binder, blinder, cinder, finder, ginder, grinder, hinder, kinder, linder, minder, pinder, synder, tinder, zinder

3 Syllable Words

birdfinder, bookbinder, buchbinder, pathfinder, reminder, sidewinder, viewfinder, welinder

Definitions of winder

n. One who, or that which, winds; hence, a creeping or winding plant.

n. An apparatus used for winding silk, cotton, etc., on spools, bobbins, reels, or the like.

n. One in a flight of steps which are curved in plan, so that each tread is broader at one end than at the other; -- distinguished from flyer.

v. t. & i. To fan; to clean grain with a fan.

n. A blow taking away the breath.

v. i. To wither; to fail.

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