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Words that Rhyme with dal

1 Syllable Words

al, al., bal, cal, gal, hal, halle, kal, kral, lal, mal, malle, pal, sal, schmal, shall, thal, val

2 Syllable Words

bansal, canal, cargal, chagall, corral, coufal, devalle, doral, duval, huval, lasalle, locale, morale, pascal, pascale, prchal, roubal, royale, vidal, vitale, yigal

3 Syllable Words

amaral, carbajal, carvajal, chaparral, coval, dolezal, edival, generale, l'oreal, maneval, nadal, perceval, rationale, unocal, wintershall

4 Syllable Words

commerciale, guadalcanal, nasional

6 Syllable Words

institucional, internacional

Definition of dal

n. Split pulse, esp. of Cajanus Indicus.

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