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Words that Rhyme with death

1 Syllable Words

beth, breath, breth, creath, greth, heth, leth, meth, neth, peth, seth, sheth, sneath, speth

2 Syllable Words

culbreath, daleth, eldreth, galbreath, gilbreath, macbeth, mcbeath, mcbeth

3 Syllable Words

marybeth, megadeath, shibboleth

Definitions of death

v. i. The cessation of all vital phenomena without capability of resuscitation, either in animals or plants.

v. i. Total privation or loss; extinction; cessation; as, the death of memory.

v. i. Manner of dying; act or state of passing from life.

v. i. Cause of loss of life.

v. i. Personified: The destroyer of life, -- conventionally represented as a skeleton with a scythe.

v. i. Danger of death.

v. i. Murder; murderous character.

v. i. Loss of spiritual life.

v. i. Anything so dreadful as to be like death.

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