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Words that Rhyme with degraded

2 Syllable Words

aided, bladed, braided, faded, graded, jaded, raided, shaded, traded, waded

3 Syllable Words

blockaded, cascaded, dissuaded, downgraded, evaded, invaded, paraded, persuaded, pervaded, unaided, upbraided, upgraded

4 Syllable Words

barricaded, serenaded

Definitions of degraded

imp. & p. p. of Degrade

a. Reduced in rank, character, or reputation; debased; sunken; low; base.

a. Having the typical characters or organs in a partially developed condition, or lacking certain parts.

a. Having steps; -- said of a cross each of whose extremities finishes in steps growing larger as they leave the center; -- termed also on degrees.

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