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Words that Rhyme with dewy

2 Syllable Words

bluey, booee, buoy, chewy, dewey, duey, ewy, fouhy, gooey, hewey, hooey, huey, hughey, hughie, hughy, huie, kooi, kooy, lewey, lewy, louis, neue, newey, rewey, screwy, shuey, shui, sooy, suey, sui, toohey, tsui, tuohy, uy

3 Syllable Words

chop-suey, chopsuey, ennui, fukui, grenouille, marui, matsui, mccooey, mitsui, sansui, sourrouille, st_louis

4 Syllable Words

krawccykiewi, olokuei, rattatouille, sekisui, vanderkooi

Definitions of dewy

a. Pertaining to dew; resembling, consisting of, or moist with, dew.

a. Falling gently and beneficently, like the dew.

a. Resembling a dew-covered surface; appearing as if covered with dew.

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