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Words that Rhyme with diet

2 Syllable Words

clyatt, guyot, hiatt, hiott, hyatt, iott, miot, myatt, piatt, pyatt, pyeatt, quiet, riot, wiatt, wyatt

3 Syllable Words


Definitions of diet

n. Course of living or nourishment; what is eaten and drunk habitually; food; victuals; fare.

n. A course of food selected with reference to a particular state of health; prescribed allowance of food; regimen prescribed.

v. t. To cause to take food; to feed.

v. t. To cause to eat and drink sparingly, or by prescribed rules; to regulate medicinally the food of.

v. i. To eat; to take one's meals.

v. i. To eat according to prescribed rules; to ear sparingly; as, the doctor says he must diet.

n. A legislative or administrative assembly in Germany, Poland, and some other countries of Europe; a deliberative convention; a council; as, the Diet of Worms, held in 1521.

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