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Words that Rhyme with dissolution

2 Syllable Words

lucian, shooshan

3 Syllable Words

aleutian, confucian, dilution, pollution, solution

4 Syllable Words

absolution, andalusian, attribution, constitution, contribution, convolution, destitution, devolution, diminution, distribution, elocution, evolution, execution, institution, lilliputian, persecution, prosecution, prostitution, resolution, restitution, retribution, revolution, substitution

5 Syllable Words

electrocution, redistribution

6 Syllable Words


Definitions of dissolution

n. The act of dissolving, sundering, or separating into component parts; separation.

n. Change from a solid to a fluid state; solution by heat or moisture; liquefaction; melting.

n. Change of form by chemical agency; decomposition; resolution.

n. The dispersion of an assembly by terminating its sessions; the breaking up of a partnership.

n. The extinction of life in the human body; separation of the soul from the body; death.

n. The state of being dissolved, or of undergoing liquefaction.

n. The new product formed by dissolving a body; a solution.

n. Destruction of anything by the separation of its parts; ruin.

n. Corruption of morals; dissipation; dissoluteness.

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