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Words that Rhyme with dodge

1 Syllable Words

hodge, lodge, podge, raj, rodge

2 Syllable Words

ajaj, dislodge, hodgepodge

3 Syllable Words

demirag, fuselage, travelodge

Definitions of dodge

v. i. To start suddenly aside, as to avoid a blow or a missile; to shift place by a sudden start.

v. i. To evade a duty by low craft; to practice mean shifts; to use tricky devices; to play fast and loose; to quibble.

v. t. To evade by a sudden shift of place; to escape by starting aside; as, to dodge a blow aimed or a ball thrown.

v. t. Fig.: To evade by craft; as, to dodge a question; to dodge responsibility.

v. t. To follow by dodging, or suddenly shifting from place to place.

n. The act of evading by some skillful movement; a sudden starting aside; hence, an artful device to evade, deceive, or cheat; a cunning trick; an artifice.

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