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Words that Rhyme with dose

1 Syllable Words

boasts, boese, bowse, broce, close, coasts, dohse, dos, froese, ghosts, groce, grohs, gros, gross, grosz, hosts, kroese, lohse, los, most, noce, posts, roese, rowse, toasts

2 Syllable Words

altos, arkose, boutros, butros, cohosts, denosse, engross, fructose, gatos, glucose, guideposts, lampposts, marose, morose, outposts, signposts, stemposts, sternposts, zeos

3 Syllable Words

adios, adipose, aranyos, bellicose, cavazos, cellulose, centavos, comatose, diagnose, doorenbos, grandiose, overdose, sucralose

4 Syllable Words


5 Syllable Words


Definitions of dose

n. The quantity of medicine given, or prescribed to be taken, at one time.

n. A sufficient quantity; a portion; as much as one can take, or as falls to one to receive.

n. Anything nauseous that one is obliged to take; a disagreeable portion thrust upon one.

n. To proportion properly (a medicine), with reference to the patient or the disease; to form into suitable doses.

n. To give doses to; to medicine or physic to; to give potions to, constantly and without need.

n. To give anything nauseous to.

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