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Words that Rhyme with grating

2 Syllable Words

baiting, crating, dating, hating, mating, plating, rating, skating, stating, waiting, weighting

3 Syllable Words

abating, awaiting, berating, castrating, creating, debating, deflating, dictating, donating, elating, equating, frustrating, gyrating, iceskating, inflating, locating, mandating, migrating, misstating, negating, nitrating, placating, pulsating, relating, restating, rotating, sedating, speedskating, stagnating, translating, updating

4 Syllable Words

abdicating, abrogating, activating, advocating, aggravating, agitating, allocating, alternating, annotating, arbitrating, automating, calculating, captivating, castigating, celebrating, chlorinating, circulating, compensating, complicating, concentrating, confiscating, consummating, contemplating, culminating, cultivating, decimating, decorating, dedicating, delegating, demonstrating, denigrating, deprecating, designating, detonating, devastating, dissipating, dominating, duplicating, educating, elevating, emanating, emigrating, emulating, escalating, estimating, excavating, fabricating, fascinating, fluctuating, formulating, generating, graduating, gravitating, hesitating, illustrating, imitating, implicating, incubating, indicating, infiltrating, innovating, instigating, insulating, integrating, inundating, irritating, isolating, laminating, legislating, levitating, liberating, liquidating, litigating, lubricating, masturbating, mediating, meditating, mitigating, moderating, motivating, mutilating, nauseating, navigating, nominating, obviating, operating, orchestrating, oscillating, overstating, penetrating, percolating, permeating, perpetrating, populating, promulgating, propagating, radiating, recreating, regulating, reinstating, relegating, renovating, replicating, resonating, salivating, saturating, segregating, separating, simulating, speculating, stimulating, stipulating, suffocating, syndicating, tabulating, terminating, titillating, tolerating, understating, undulating, urinating, vacillating, validating, ventilating

5 Syllable Words

abbreviating, accelerating, accentuating, accommodating, accumulating, adjudicating, administrating, affiliating, alienating, alleviating, anticipating, appreciating, appropriating, approximating, articulating, assassinating, assimilating, associating, authenticating, coagulating, collaborating, commemorating, communicating, congratulating, consolidating, contaminating, cooperating, coordinating, corroborating, debilitating, decaffeinating, decelerating, degenerating, deliberating, delineating, depreciating, deregulating, discriminating, disintegrating, disseminating, domesticating, elaborating, electroplating, eliminating, encapsulating, enunciating, equivocating, eradicating, evacuating, evaluating, evaporating, exacerbating, exaggerating, exasperating, excoriating, excruciating, exhilarating, exonerating, extenuating, exterminating, extrapolating, facilitating, humiliating, hydrogenating, illuminating, impersonating, inaugurating, incarcerating, incinerating, incorporating, incriminating, infatuating, infuriating, ingratiating, initiating, interrogating, intimidating, intoxicating, invalidating, investigating, invigorating, manipulating, necessitating, negotiating, nonoperating, obliterating, officiating, originating, participating, perpetuating, pontificating, precipitating, predominating, procrastinating, prognosticating, proliferating, reactivating, reallocating, recalculating, reciprocating, recuperating, redecorating, regenerating, reiterating, rejuvenating, repatriating, repudiating, resuscitating, retaliating, reverberating, self-deprecating, subordinating

6 Syllable Words

deteriorating, differentiating, incapacitating, misappropriating, overestimating, reevaluating, rehabilitating, reincorporating, reinvigorating, renegotiating, self-perpetuating, underestimating

Definitions of grating

p. pr. &. vb. n. of Grate

n. A partition, covering, or frame of parallel or cross bars; a latticework resembling a window grate; as, the grating of a prison or convent.

n. A system of close equidistant and parallel lines lines or bars, especially lines ruled on a polished surface, used for producing spectra by diffraction; -- called also diffraction grating.

n. The strong wooden lattice used to cover a hatch, admitting light and air; also, a movable Lattice used for the flooring of boats.

a. That grates; making a harsh sound; harsh.

n. A harsh sound caused by attrition.

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