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Words that Rhyme with notice

2 Syllable Words

fotis, lotus, lotus', notis, oatis, otis

3 Syllable Words


4 Syllable Words

kariotis, veliotis

Definitions of notice

n. The act of noting, remarking, or observing; observation by the senses or intellect; cognizance; note.

n. Intelligence, by whatever means communicated; knowledge given or received; means of knowledge; express notification; announcement; warning.

n. An announcement, often accompanied by comments or remarks; as, book notices; theatrical notices.

n. A writing communicating information or warning.

n. Attention; respectful treatment; civility.

v. t. To observe; to see to mark; to take note of; to heed; to pay attention to.

v. t. To show that one has observed; to take public note of; remark upon; to make comments on; to refer to; as, to notice a book.

v. t. To treat with attention and civility; as, to notice strangers.

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