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Words that Rhyme with off

1 Syllable Words

boff, cough, croff, doff, goff, gough, groff, hauf, hauff, hoff, knauf, knauff, knoff, koff, lauf, poff, prof., roff, schoff, schroff, scoff, shoff, shroff, skoff, stauff, stoff, trough

2 Syllable Words

bake-off, beloff, blastoff, bohnhoff, brockhoff, castoff, checkoff, christophe, cutoff, dolloff, dropoff, duboff, eckhoff, eickhoff, falloff, friedhoff, fruehauf, holzstoff, imhoff, khrushchev, kickoff, knockoff, kohlhoff, layoff, leadoff, lenhoff, liftoff, madoff, markoff, mcgoff, minkoff, neuhoff, olthoff, payoff, playoff, popoff, potthoff, puthoff, rakoff, ripoff, rockoff, runoff, rykoff, saathoff, sadoff, satloff, selloff, shernoff, shicoff, spinoff, standoff, steinhoff, takeoff, tarnoff, tipoff, tradeoff, turnoff, uphoff, wemhoff, westhoff

3 Syllable Words

benninghoff, brinkerhoff, cargonoff, federoff, gorbachev, hoelterhoff, kolokoff, osterhoff, patricof, ribicoff, romanoff, romanov, saratov, selikoff, stroganoff, tartikoff, tegethoff, vanderhoff, westerhoff, zuganov

4 Syllable Words


Definitions of off

adv. In a general sense, denoting from or away from; as:

adv. Denoting distance or separation; as, the house is a mile off.

adv. Denoting the action of removing or separating; separation; as, to take off the hat or cloak; to cut off, to pare off, to clip off, to peel off, to tear off, to march off, to fly off, and the like.

adv. Denoting a leaving, abandonment, departure, abatement, interruption, or remission; as, the fever goes off; the pain goes off; the game is off; all bets are off.

adv. Denoting a different direction; not on or towards: away; as, to look off.

adv. Denoting opposition or negation.

interj. Away; begone; -- a command to depart.

prep. Not on; away from; as, to be off one's legs or off the bed; two miles off the shore.

a. On the farther side; most distant; on the side of an animal or a team farthest from the driver when he is on foot; in the United States, the right side; as, the off horse or ox in a team, in distinction from the nigh or near horse or ox; the off leg.

a. Designating a time when one is not strictly attentive to business or affairs, or is absent from his post, and, hence, a time when affairs are not urgent; as, he took an off day for fishing: an off year in politics.

n. The side of the field that is on the right of the wicket keeper.

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