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Words that Rhyme with oleander

2 Syllable Words

ander, bander, blander, brander, candor, gander, glander, grander, hander, lander, landor, mander, pander, rander, sander, sandor, slander, stander, standre, vander, zander

3 Syllable Words

bystander, commander, evander, highlander, leander, lysander, mainlander, meander, rosander, santander, sjolander, skenandore, stadtlander, swartzlander, telander, wicklander

4 Syllable Words

aleksander, aleksandr, alexander, calamander, coriander, gerrymander, nederlander, salamander, scalamandre, subcommander, vandevander

5 Syllable Words


Definition of oleander

n. A beautiful evergreen shrub of the Dogbane family, having clusters of fragrant red or white flowers. It is native of the East Indies, but the red variety has become common in the south of Europe. Called also rosebay, rose laurel, and South-sea rose.

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