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Words that Rhyme with painter

2 Syllable Words

aigner, bainter, brainer, braner, breighner, craner, cranor, daner, drainer, fainter, feighner, gainer, gainor, gayner, gaynor, graner, hainer, haner, hayner, kainer, kaner, klejna, kraner, mainer, mainor, maner, mayner, maynor, paynter, plainer, planar, planer, rainer, rayner, raynor, saner, schaner, shaner, stayner, tainer, tainter, trainer, trainor, traynor, wainer, waner

3 Syllable Words

campaigner, complainer, container, nonplanar, retainer

4 Syllable Words

entertainer, vacutainer

Definitions of painter

n. A rope at the bow of a boat, used to fasten it to anything.

n. The panther, or puma.

n. One whose occupation is to paint

n. One who covers buildings, ships, ironwork, and the like, with paint.

n. An artist who represents objects or scenes in color on a flat surface, as canvas, plaster, or the like.

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