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Words that Rhyme with pariah

2 Syllable Words

aja, czaja, daya, gaia, jaya, maia, maya, playa, via

3 Syllable Words

araya, berjaya, cartaya, elia, josiah, mariah, messiah, papaya, rupiah, vizcaya, zelaya

4 Syllable Words

himalaya, jeremiah, nehemiah, obadiah, plisetskaya, sovetskaya, stolichnaya, zachariah, zaslavskaya, zedekiah

5 Syllable Words

boguslavskaya, pervomaiskaya

6 Syllable Words


Definitions of pariah

n. One of an aboriginal people of Southern India, regarded by the four castes of the Hindoos as of very low grade. They are usually the serfs of the Sudra agriculturalists. See Caste.

n. An outcast; one despised by society.

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