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Words that Rhyme with polish

2 Syllable Words

kalisz, sollish

3 Syllable Words

abolish, demolish

Definitions of polish

a. Of or pertaining to Poland or its inhabitants.

n. The language of the Poles.

v. t. To make smooth and glossy, usually by friction; to burnish; to overspread with luster; as, to polish glass, marble, metals, etc.

v. t. Hence, to refine; to wear off the rudeness, coarseness, or rusticity of; to make elegant and polite; as, to polish life or manners.

v. i. To become smooth, as from friction; to receive a gloss; to take a smooth and glossy surface; as, steel polishes well.

n. A smooth, glossy surface, usually produced by friction; a gloss or luster.

n. Anything used to produce a gloss.

n. Fig.: Refinement; elegance of manners.

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