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Words that Rhyme with undulating

2 Syllable Words

baiting, crating, dating, grating, hating, mating, plating, rating, skating, stating, waiting, weighting

3 Syllable Words

abating, awaiting, berating, castrating, creating, debating, deflating, dictating, donating, elating, equating, frustrating, gyrating, iceskating, inflating, locating, mandating, migrating, misstating, negating, nitrating, placating, pulsating, relating, restating, rotating, sedating, speedskating, stagnating, translating, updating

4 Syllable Words

abdicating, abrogating, activating, advocating, aggravating, agitating, allocating, alternating, annotating, arbitrating, automating, calculating, captivating, castigating, celebrating, chlorinating, circulating, compensating, complicating, concentrating, confiscating, consummating, contemplating, culminating, cultivating, decimating, decorating, dedicating, delegating, demonstrating, denigrating, deprecating, designating, detonating, devastating, dissipating, dominating, duplicating, educating, elevating, emanating, emigrating, emulating, escalating, estimating, excavating, fabricating, fascinating, fluctuating, formulating, generating, graduating, gravitating, hesitating, illustrating, imitating, implicating, incubating, indicating, infiltrating, innovating, instigating, insulating, integrating, inundating, irritating, isolating, laminating, legislating, levitating, liberating, liquidating, litigating, lubricating, masturbating, mediating, meditating, mitigating, moderating, motivating, mutilating, nauseating, navigating, nominating, obviating, operating, orchestrating, oscillating, overstating, penetrating, percolating, permeating, perpetrating, populating, promulgating, propagating, radiating, recreating, regulating, reinstating, relegating, renovating, replicating, resonating, salivating, saturating, segregating, separating, simulating, speculating, stimulating, stipulating, suffocating, syndicating, tabulating, terminating, titillating, tolerating, understating, urinating, vacillating, validating, ventilating

5 Syllable Words

abbreviating, accelerating, accentuating, accommodating, accumulating, adjudicating, administrating, affiliating, alienating, alleviating, anticipating, appreciating, appropriating, approximating, articulating, assassinating, assimilating, associating, authenticating, coagulating, collaborating, commemorating, communicating, congratulating, consolidating, contaminating, cooperating, coordinating, corroborating, debilitating, decaffeinating, decelerating, degenerating, deliberating, delineating, depreciating, deregulating, discriminating, disintegrating, disseminating, domesticating, elaborating, electroplating, eliminating, encapsulating, enunciating, equivocating, eradicating, evacuating, evaluating, evaporating, exacerbating, exaggerating, exasperating, excoriating, excruciating, exhilarating, exonerating, extenuating, exterminating, extrapolating, facilitating, humiliating, hydrogenating, illuminating, impersonating, inaugurating, incarcerating, incinerating, incorporating, incriminating, infatuating, infuriating, ingratiating, initiating, interrogating, intimidating, intoxicating, invalidating, investigating, invigorating, manipulating, necessitating, negotiating, nonoperating, obliterating, officiating, originating, participating, perpetuating, pontificating, precipitating, predominating, procrastinating, prognosticating, proliferating, reactivating, reallocating, recalculating, reciprocating, recuperating, redecorating, regenerating, reiterating, rejuvenating, repatriating, repudiating, resuscitating, retaliating, reverberating, self-deprecating, subordinating

6 Syllable Words

deteriorating, differentiating, incapacitating, misappropriating, overestimating, reevaluating, rehabilitating, reincorporating, reinvigorating, renegotiating, self-perpetuating, underestimating

Definitions of undulating

p. pr. & vb. n. of Undulate

a. Rising and falling like waves; resembling wave form or motion; undulatory; rolling; wavy; as, an undulating medium; undulating ground.

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