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Words that Rhyme with upstairs

1 Syllable Words

air's, airs, ayer's, ayres, bares, bear's, bears, bears', berres, blair's, blares, bures, care's, cares, chaires, chairs, claire's, dares, errs, fair's, faires, fairs, fares, flares, gehres, glares, hair's, hairs, hare's, hares, heirs, jares, kehres, maerz, mairs, mare's, mares, pairs, pares, pears, phares, prayers, sayres, scares, share's, shares, shares', sherr's, snares, spares, squares, stairs, stares, swears, tears, theirs, there's, wares, wears, where's, xers

2 Syllable Words

affairs, airfares, armchairs, backstairs, bancshares', bankshares, compares, d'affaires, declares, despairs, downstairs, forebears, frontieres, healthcare's, housewares, impairs, markair's, moliere's, nightmares, pierre's, prepares, repairs, software's, somewheres, tenncare's, wheelchairs

3 Syllable Words

billionaires, delaware's, legionnaire's, legionnaires, medicare's, millionaire's, millionaires, questionnaires, thoroughfares, unawares

4 Syllable Words

americares, fiduciares

5 Syllable Words

euromobiliare's, multimillionaires

Definitions of upstairs

adv. Up the stairs; in or toward an upper story.

a. Being above stairs; as, an upstairs room.

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