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Words that Rhyme with vassal

2 Syllable Words

astle, basle, brasel, brasil, brassell, cassel, cassell, castle, facile, gracile, grassel, grassl, hassel, hassell, hassle, kasel, kasell, kassel, kastle, tassel, vassel

3 Syllable Words

greencastle, hardcastle, mountcastle, newcastle, vantassel, vantassell

Definitions of vassal

n. The grantee of a fief, feud, or fee; one who holds land of superior, and who vows fidelity and homage to him; a feudatory; a feudal tenant.

n. A subject; a dependent; a servant; a slave.

a. Resembling a vassal; slavish; servile.

v. t. To treat as a vassal; to subject to control; to enslave.

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