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Words that Rhyme with verse

1 Syllable Words

bearce, bearse, bearss, burse, curse, firsts, furse, hearse, kearse, kerce, merce, nurse, pearse, perce, pers, perse, purse, scearce, terse, worse

2 Syllable Words

adverse, averse, coerce, converse, disburse, disperse, diverse, emerse, immerse, inverse, obverse, outbursts, perverse, rehearse, reverse, submerse, transverse, traverse

3 Syllable Words

intersperse, reimburse, universe

4 Syllable Words


Definitions of verse

n. A line consisting of a certain number of metrical feet (see Foot, n., 9) disposed according to metrical rules.

n. Metrical arrangement and language; that which is composed in metrical form; versification; poetry.

n. A short division of any composition.

n. A stanza; a stave; as, a hymn of four verses.

n. One of the short divisions of the chapters in the Old and New Testaments.

n. A portion of an anthem to be performed by a single voice to each part.

n. A piece of poetry.

v. t. To tell in verse, or poetry.

v. i. To make verses; to versify.

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