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Words that Rhyme with victoria

3 Syllable Words

auria, coria, correa, dauria, dorea, doria, florea, floria, gloria, goria, lauria, loria, morea, moria, soria

4 Syllable Words

astoria, deloria, emporia, euphoria, gregoria, longoria, peoria, pretoria, viloria, vittoria

5 Syllable Words

crematoria, moratoria, port-victoria

6 Syllable Words


Definitions of victoria

n. A genus of aquatic plants named in honor of Queen Victoria. The Victoria regia is a native of Guiana and Brazil. Its large, spreading leaves are often over five feet in diameter, and have a rim from three to five inches high; its immense rose-white flowers sometimes attain a diameter of nearly two feet.

n. A kind of low four-wheeled pleasure carriage, with a calash top, designed for two persons and the driver who occupies a high seat in front.

n. An asteroid discovered by Hind in 1850; -- called also Clio.

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