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Words that Rhyme with whitewash

1 Syllable Words

baasch, bosh, braasch, brosh, brosz, dosh, ghosh, gosh, grosh, hasz, josh, kosh, losh, osh, paasch, posh, raasch, slosh, squash, tosh, trosch, wash

2 Syllable Words

antosh, awash, backwash, brainwash, galosh, goulash, hogwash, mccosh, mouthwash, panache, prakash, pugwash, santosh, shipwash

3 Syllable Words


Definitions of whitewash

n. Any wash or liquid composition for whitening something, as a wash for making the skin fair.

n. A composition of line and water, or of whiting size, and water, or the like, used for whitening walls, ceilings, etc.; milk of lime.

v. t. To apply a white liquid composition to; to whiten with whitewash.

v. t. To make white; to give a fair external appearance to; to clear from imputations or disgrace; hence, to clear (a bankrupt) from obligation to pay debts.

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